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Interior Design

Just as your building exterior is the face of your home or company, the interior is the heart. As the old adage goes..home is where the heart is. Interior design is not just an art, it’s a science. Many people have great ideas, but to actually execute them and make them work so as to really enhance a space is truly the job for a professional. At My Plans, we sit down with you from the initial stage and help guide you through the process of giving your space the wow factor that you want. For us, the needs and wants of our clients is paramount. We will work closely with you throughout the whole process to tweak and fine-tune your ideas so as to create your vision.

Home interior design has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. As far back as 1880’s English feminist author Mary Haweis advocated individualism in home design, she said “One of my strongest convictions, and one of the first canons of good taste, is that our houses, like the fish’s shell and the bird’s nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits.”
Gone are the days of buying random items and mismatching furniture. Now the bigger picture has to be seen… Do you have a specific theme in mind? How does the lighting complement the furnishings? Do the colours clash? Is the space being maximised? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered.

Commercial interior design is a whole different ball game. How do the acoustics affect the space? Is the space safe and functional? Does it adhere to building codes and local authority legislation? Is it energy efficient?
My Plans endeavours to take the stress out of your project. We will deal with the boring stuff such as healthcare regulations, occupancy loads and sustainable design principles, as well as managing and coordinating with relevant professionals and authorities to ensure that your workplace is a space that people will enjoy working in.

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